Winning with $ocial $elling

Winning with Social SellingWinning with social selling will help you leverage social media to build and maintain deeper client relationships and move from being just another vendor, to becoming a business partner.  Here are some of the topics covered in this book:

  • Recent buying trends and how social networks have changed the buying behavior across the globe,
  • Why you have to move from being a social media consumer to social selling champion,
  • How to build an effective social media strategy as a sales organization
  • Three easy steps to becoming a social champion
  • Introduction and discussion of the major social media channels and which ones are the right ones for you based on your business needs
  • Snapshot of the social media players across the globe
  • Discussion on social media trends & key players in Asia’s major markets
  • Asia’s unique social and cultural values and its impact on social media uptake and trends


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