“Two rules in selling:

Rule #1: Your first year in selling you are not a salesperson, you are a prospector.

Rule #2: Every year is your first year in selling.

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Our unique, high impact sales prospecting techniques will improve your team’s success rate by 300% or more.  This highly interactive, fast pace, eye-opening and fun workshop is focused on engaging with the business owners, ‘C’ level executives and decision-makers.  The Winning Formula approach is designed to show sales professionals the errs of their ways in prospecting and then it shows them the most effective way to engage with busy executives who have the power to allocate budget for your products and services.

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As a sales professional and leader, you know that just showing someone how to do something in a workshop does not guarantee that they will do it; especially if the person has years of experience in doing things differently. When it comes to learning something new or different we all need more than simple instructions. We need to practice, practice, be coached and given feedback, then practice again, right?

Onsite coaching
As part of the Winning Formula program, we offer at a minimum one to two days of on-site coaching to help the sales executives and prospecting agents to onboard the best practices and build the right habits. These coaching days offer a great opportunity for the team leaders and first-line managers to watch, support and learn how to coach the technique beyond the initial rollout phase. After all, no enablement will have a lasting impact without positive and ongoing support from the first line managers and leaders.

Ongoing mentoring & support

Repetition breeds adoption.  Numerous studies have shown that having even shortened refresher sessions/reviews have a huge impact on humans retaining and adopting what they were taught. To ensure that your sales team establishes and retains consistent sales prospecting results we offer short (2 – 3 hours) refresher sessions 30, 60 or 90 days after the initial Winning Formula program rollout.


Online support

We hear from hundreds of sales professionals that one of the biggest hurdles they see in effective prospecting is their ability to come up with the right opening message that will bring an executive into a conversation.  So often times sales executives get stuck on coming up with that first opening attention-getter.

Realizing this challenge, we have developed an online application (Winning Formula Wizard) that will allow your sales and prospecting professionals to write out the opening sales messages that they have prepared and learn how effective it would be based on the length and time it takes to deliver to the intended audience.  The application also allows your sales and prospecting professionals to submit their opening message to a Winning Formula certified mentor for review and feedback.

Access to the Winning Formula Wizard is provided FREE OF CHARGE to all workshop participants for 30 days.

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