Powerful Virtual Meetings and Remote Sales Presentations



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  • Make your remote presentations more engaging by as much as     90%
  • Gain a competitive advantage by virtually getting in front of your clients and prospects
  • Build instant credibility and rapport through the latest virtual presence technology

Perfect for: remote sales presentations, remote training, live and pre-recorded webinars, Technical demonstrations and collaboration teams.

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Make a splash

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More than ever before, sales and marketing professionals are conducting business remotely.  Often times the solution is to use a web conferencing service provider to deliver a presentation alongside an audio communication.  Or if the network bandwidth allows. there may be a video connection as well, where parties may see others through a small and static video feed.

Take your presentations, demos, or video content to the next level with Virtual Prezo™.  Present live or record your presentation for easy sharing later. Virtual Prezo™ removes your background to embed you in any presentation or demo, enabling you to present like you are there.

Virtual Prezo™  works alongside your existing conferencing software such as GoToMeeting, WebEx, Zoom, Adobe Connect and Microsoft Lync – allowing you to enhance the capabilities of the software of your choice.