Your business’s survival and success rely on your Customer Success Manager’s ability to help your clients maximize their return from your services & have an outstanding customer experience throughout their interactions with your company and products.  Without either one of these deliverables, you are at the risk of losing customers to your competitors and risking the future of your business. 

Your CSM’s are expected to wear many hats in their role from, business consultants, onboarding and enablement support, technicians, productivity advisors, industry experts, to sales and support engineers.

But how do you make sure that your CSMs have the right skills, expertise, knowledge and tools to offer exceptional customer experiences every time?


This is where we can help!

As Asia’s leading sales and CSM transformation team, Vital Strategies offers world-class customer success enablement programs developed, planned and delivered by industry leaders & designed to make positive and long term impact on your business.

We offer modular base, multi-channel Customer Success Academy and certification program that allows you to quickly onboard & ramp up your new and existing CSMs with the most relevant knowledge, skillset and tools to help you improve client onboarding, adoption and advocacy as you reduce client churn and costs. 

CSM onboarding topics

  • Customer Success Key Concepts
  • How To Think Like A Customer
  • The Principles of Effective Onboarding
  • Success Plan Development & Execution
  • Delivering Effective Business Reviews
  • Re-Engaging Disengaged Customers
  • Adopting A Consultative Approach
  • Execution & Follow-Through
  • Handling Escalations & Ownership
  • Tactics on handling challenging scenarios
  • Understanding Customer Success Metrics
  • Active listening
  • Building client experience journey maps




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