Leveraging social media

How Leveraging social media tools grows your business?

Welcome to the age of DIGITAL SELLING!

With over 80% of today’s buyers using the internet and social media to make buying decisions you cannot stay on the sidelines and lose business to the digitally savvy competitors. Selling in the digital age requires more than being a ‘people person’. with over 75% of B2B buyers preforming to buy online instead of dealing with a salesperson you have to add value by speaking your customer’s language using the mediums of their choice. Today this means leveraging Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WeChat, WhatsApp,… or any other social media channel used by the target audience.

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Program Description: Winning With social Selling is a hands-on, interactive and fun program to help sales professionals and organizations better leverage social media tools in achieving their personal and business objectives around pipeline and revenue generation, brand creation and enhancement, and customer service improvement. In this workshop the participants are exposed to the latest buying trends, understanding of what social selling is and how to leverage various tools, the how-to guide on branding to achieve personal and financial success and understanding the unique characteristics of social media channels in the Asian Pacific region.

Winning with $ocial $elling

Your path to Digital Transformation