Continued empowerment

Does it feel like your sales executives forget what they learn in workshops and training sessions almost as fast as they finish them, even if they pass a post-training evaluation? All that time and money spent to help them improve their performance seem to just disappear into thin air. You have to ask, ‘Do they remember what they learned when they are back in their roles? Do they really get it? Do they apply it?’

Skills-on-the-Go powered by Qstream, is tested and proven to increase training retention by up to 170%! It is based on a patent-pending learning technology developed at Harvard to increase retention and change behavior. Your team members take three minutes every other day to complete a simple, scenario-based challenge on their tablets or smartphones.

The proprietary adaptive learning algorithm changes the content automatically to drive long-term learning retention. Built-in game mechanics drive outstanding completion rates so users are engaged and their skills stay sharp.


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Need learning metrics?

Skills-on-the-Go gives you real-time tracking to see who knows what – and who needs assistance. You can report and analyse the data at an individual, branch, district, region and country levels in real-time and view the data in a metrics dashboard.


Skills-On-The-GO Manager’s dashboard

Skills-On-The-Go gives you real-time tracking to see who knows what – and who needs assistance. Skills-On-The-Go records every interaction each learner has with every question. You can report and analyze the data at individual, branch, district, region and country levels. A comprehensive “tagging” technology identifies knowledge gaps for managers in real-time and presents the data to the manager in a metrics dashboard.

The graphical sales manager dashboards provide a weekly summary emailed to the manager with actionable insights, including highly targeted coaching recommendations.

In 2015, this solution, powered by Qstream delivered more than 200,000 coaching insights to managers, increasing coaching effectiveness by 55%.