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How much future revenue stream you are losing?

As today’s businesses are choosing to sign up for subscription-based services, from office supplies to crucial business applications to data storage instead of outright purchases, b2b vendors need to embrace and leverage subscription-based business models.

However recent surveys of sales organizations in the technology sector have identified that gaps in these three key areas are preventing sales teams to meet and surpass their sales targets for subscription-based services:

  • Insufficient understanding of the subscription-based business model
  • Lack of in-house expertise
  • Insufficient skills & knowledge on how to sell these services

These challenges are expected because selling subscription-based (cloud) services require a different approach and mindset than selling traditional products and services.  Your salesforce needs to manage a different selling process, buying centers, sales team structure, pricing model, …etc.

Needless to say, without taking appropriate steps to embrace and leverage the new buying trends, many of the organizations with the above challenges will not survive the tremendous disruption that has engulfed the technology world.

As the leading provider of revenue growth services in the technology sector in the APAC region, Vital Strategies has been enabling sales teams of technology companies, distributors and SI’s to increase productivity and revenue by 50% or more. These remarkable results have been achieved by showing sales executives, managers and company leaders the right way to sell in the new subscription-based economy.

The Differentiator:

We offer a modular cloud/subscription-based sales onboarding and acceleration program that allows you to quickly ramp up your internal and partner salesforce on cloud sales approach.

A key differentiator for all our enablement programs is that we do not offer training. Instead what we offer is an opportunity for behavior changes through activity-based workshops plus tools and on-going coaching that includes case studies, role plays, and on-the-job sales campaign executions that helps build the right selling habits.


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