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"I attended one of Mark’s sales boot camps and I have to say it was the most comprehensive, practical and effective sales training I ever had! after the sales boot camp I started to engage with my prospects the next day and generate results within days. When it comes to on boarding or accelerating your sales force I highly recommend Mark as the facilitator, trainer and coach."

Rotem Bar

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Mark’s in-depth and practical knowledge of social media channels and personal experience as an entrepreneur, along with his open, interactive and casual style of delivering relevant content and stories made his session the most popular one at the conference, prompting a great deal of questions, interest and positive feedback. I highly recommend Mark as a subject matter expert, trainer and speaker around effective selling in today’s customer driven market and social media for business.

Amy Wu

Global Sources

I attended Mark’s session at Startup Launchpad Conference for Innovation, held in October in Hong Kong. I really learned a lot and liked the way that Mark interacted with the audience. Mark did a great job in sharing his knowledge of social media and how to drive success in a startup business. He used many interesting examples to demonstrate the rules of leveraging social media. The session was very engaging resulting in a lot of questions and ideas from the audience.