Mark Ghaderi

about the author of the winning formula book

About the author of the winning formula book

In his professional life of over twenty years, Mark has held a variety of business leadership positions including an entrepreneur, business consultant, technology director, sales & marketing VP, global accounts manager, sales trainer/coach and social selling subject matter expert &evangelist. With over fifteen years of living and working in the most dynamic and vibrant region of the world, Mark has travelled, lived in, & done business in all major Asian markets, with solid understanding and appreciation of the region’s unique social and cultural values.

As a global subject matter, expert Mark has worked with dozens of organizations and thousands of sales professionals who are looking for ways to improve their performance, better serve clients and achieve personal and professional growth. Having built and driven dozens of social selling initiatives across multiple countries Mark possesses a rich, deep and practical approach to help individuals and companies to succeed through leveraging the enormous business and personal networks across ever-growing social medial channels.

Mark lives and works in Singapore, operating within a dozen major markets across the Asia Pacific region
about the author of the winning forumula book
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