Wining with $ocial $elling

A comprehensive ‘HOW TO’ book with detailed explanations & fresh ideas on how you can establish yourself as a customer champion and a sales superstar.winning-with-social-mediaWinning with social selling will help you leverage the social media to build and maintain deeper client relationships and move from being just another vendor, to becoming a business partner.  Here are some of the topics covered in this book:

  • Recent buying trends and how social networks have changed the buying behavior across the globe,
  • Why you have to move from being a social media consumer to social selling champion,
  • How to build an effective social media strategy as a sales organization
  • Three easy steps to becoming a social champion
  • Introduction and discussion of the major social media channels and which ones are the right ones for you based on your business needs
  • Snapshot of the social media players across the globe
  • Discussion on social media trends& key players in Asia’s major markets
  • Asia’s unique social and cultural values and its impact on social media uptake and trends



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Mark, your stuff works! Thanks for giving us your best

Praise Mok

Deputy CEO

We are so grateful to you Mark, thank you for helping us get better.

Rachel Ong

Chief Executive

Appreciate you helping us get better, Mark! It's a delight working with you, great follow through and such visible results.

Sherman Tan

Senior Consultant

The Winning Formula


The Winning Formula will show you the most effective sales prospecting techniques to reach the ‘C’ level executives and decision makers, increasing your lead generation success rate by five times or more!

After reading this book and putting it into practice you will learn:

  • Why prospecting is so critical to your success
  • Why prospecting is so challenging and why most sales professionals fail to produce good results
  • Key ingredients in successful prospecting
  • What are the best companies in the business doing to win new clients
  • Identify who are the right executives to engage with
  • Get executive buy-in within 30 seconds
  • Leverage gatekeepers to help you be more successful
  • Increase your sales pipeline by as much as 100%


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The Winning Formula is a game changer, I was blown away with the knowledge I gained from this book. I am now more than equip to catch the interest of C level executives and keep their interest which is the most important part. I highly recommend!

Wendell H.


I learned techniques in this book that I would have never thought of on my own! Prospecting is very hard but thanks to the Winning Formula I've got skills to snag their attention from the first call, email or hand shake.

S. Taylor


"...Mark shared this book with me as a reminder that even the sharpest tools need reshaping to adapt to changes. The insights on The Winning Formula depicts the daily conversations we have that enables even the novice of sales communicate in the most basic way: asking. The practice of repetition forms habit, and this book captures thru its chapters - a guidebook so to speak. As a colleague and friend, I thank Mark for sharing me this book that captures the common sense of good corporate communication."

Jay Pena


“The “Winning Pitch” guides sales professionals in building their own authentic and personalized way to connect with potential customers. Packed with practical and actionable advice, this is a book for all sales executives and managers that respect customers’ and their own time.”

Pamela Valentine